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Gran Villaya, Levanto, Kuelap, & Chacapoyas
(8 Days / 7 Nights)

Kuelap contains many surprises such as a mysterious tinador (ink well) structure defying gravity. Many believe this to be a mystic oracle where shaman gathered under its lens at special times to forecast events. Another object is a symmetric eight pointed star with its longer alternating points pointing exactly to the north, south, east and west. Then at the north end of the fortress is a high stone tower mitador (lookout). From here signals could be sent to the Choctomal Citadel that would in turn relay the signal around the valley’s curve to the Abra Yumal Pass, then relayed down to Gran Vilaya.

Day 1 - Levanto - Levanto Lodge
You will be met at either the airport or bus station and transferred by bus to Levanto, the most significant city of the zone at the time of the Inca invasion and also in the Spanish colonial era. We will see the colonial church with its high carved alter which is 5 years older than Lima, this is one of Peru's oldest cities not far from where the Inca was captured. Later continue to the fortified ruins of Yalape overlooking the city, and also see the Inca Canal, which brought water to Levanto from miles away. Nearby is Colla Cruz (Colla for its loyal Inca residents transferred here from the Colca Canyon area, and Cruz meaning cross roads). This was a major crossroads of the empire's roads with over 2000 miles of major roads going north to Ecuador & Colombia, south to Huanuco and Cuzco, and east to Cajamarca (where the Inca was captured) to that Central Andes highway System and on to the Coastal Highway System. We will see the Inca Military Garrison guarding this intersection. Spend afternoon in Levanto where we donated a ceramics kiln to the community to reproduce pottery in the ancient style. This is the zone's first restoration, which revealed a major defeat of the Incas by the Cloud people in the revolution against the Spanish. Stay night in our Levanto Lodge. (B/L/D)

Day 2 - Levanto Lodge - Moyobamba - Puerto Mirador
Morning private coach takes us 6 hours to another jungle town of Moyobamba. Here the vegetation of the jungle region continues to the Puerto Mirador Hotel. Afternoon relax in the natural thermal baths. Overnight at the Puerto Mirador. (B/L/D)

Day 3 - Puerto Mirador - Chachapoyas - Gran Vilaya Hotel
After breakfast depart by private coach to Chachapoyas ( 6 hours ) past a waterfall that “falls from the sky” and is twice as high as any building. Continue up though the spectacular Utcubamba Canyon. After a short reception at the Gran Vilaya Hotel, continue approximately 30 minutes to a Inca mitima village beside a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon. Here a gigantic waterfalls can be viewed cascading into it. Over night at the Gran Vilaya Hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 4 - Gran Vilaya - Levanto
Morning departure by bus to the most significant city of the Inca and colonial Spanish era of Levanto. ( about 1 hour) A short hike of ten minutes up to explore the Yalape ruins, also the Inca Canal and the restored Inca Military Garrison built to guard this major hub of Inca roads radiating out over 2000 miles from Levanto. Over night at the Tambo Levanto Lodge built in the ancient style, but with the essential conveniences as hot showers, flush toilets and comfortable beds. (B/L/D)

Day 5 - Levanto - Kuelap - Choctamal Lodge
Today we will travel approx. 4 hours by bus to Kuelap, the largest structure of South America. Inside its 4 or 5 levels of huge walls, are over 400 stone buildings. After viewing the many structures we will stay the night at the Choctamal Lodge, high in the cloud forest looking down at the clouds. (B/L/D)

Day 6 - Choctamal Lodge - Chiclayo
Morning departure by coach / bus to Chiclayo. ( Approx. 9 hours ) On this trip you will have seen the world's most extreme conditions, the mightiest rainforest, the 2nd highest mountain range, and the driest desert. The most advanced culture left the richest gold tomb of the Americas, the Lord of Sipan. This is on the Pacific coast in an environment like Egypt, with hundreds of pyramids, and a rich desert soil irrigated by a river and huge canals taking water from mountains over 100 miles away. Late afternoon arrival into Chiclayo and transfer to the Grande Hotel Chiclayo. Overnight at the Grande Hotel. (B/L)

Day 7 - Pampa Grande - Sipan Tomb - Tucume
Morning you will be met by our local staff with Julio Rodriguez for tours to the sites of Pampa Grande, Lord of Sipans Tomb & Tucume. These areas are the most important regions that are least to be explored by the western tourist and the importance as well as accessibility is far better than that of ANY other tourist region in Peru. Archaeologically importance wise this region is the richest in history & financially wise to have been discovered intact in the last 100 years. New and unknown sites are being excavated every day / year. This is the cutting edge of the past history from Thor Heyderdahl’s discovery of Tucume to Walter Alvas credits to the Lord of Sipan’s site, and is the best of the best. It is noted that the site of Pampa Grande is the most significant archaeological discovery in the western hemisphere. Late afternoon return to Chiclayo and the Gran Hotel. Overnight at the Gran Hotel. (CB)

Day 8 - Sipan Museum - depart to ( Lima or Trujillo )
Morning guided tour to the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan Museum where numerous artifacts from the Moche civilization including the Lord of Sipan tomb are secure for public viewing. Later continue to seaside town at Pimentel Bay where the local fisherman build the typical reed boats & you can watch the sunset Afterwards return to Chiclayo and the Grand Hotel Chiclayo. Later evening our staff will meet and transfer you to the Chiclayo airport for the flight to Lima. (B) (transfer to a hotel or transfer to international flight.)


Class 1 2-3 4-9
First $989 $639 $529

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